Sunday, January 9, 2011

So...I haven't written in a while...

I was posting on a friend's new blog, when I realized that my google account was still linked to this crazy empty site. After over a year's hiatus, maybe I'm ready to start writing. I've certainly done lots of both teaching and knitting in the past year and a half. But my greatest accomplishment thus far is one I finished yesterday. My very first sweater! I cannot explain how cool it is to be able to control many of the steps in the production of your own clothes. Don't like the crazy elbow patch on the back of the sweater? Don't knit it. Think the yarn the pattern calls for is to scratchy? Pick a softer tweed and change the needles if you need to make the gauge work. And you struggle to finish each piece, feeling a small sense of accomplishment, but knowing that there is a lot to be done even when the knitting is over--that's unique to a sweater. Knitting the collar and weaving the pieces together took longer than I'd care to admit. So I won't. Looking back on this when I begin to knit another sweater could scare me off. Better to live in blissful forgetfulness.

But here's the finished product:

Am I proud? You bet I am.

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  1. I'm proud of you too! I love the sweater! Don't worry though, I won't bombard you with sweater orders.


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