Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twisted Stitch Cabled Baby Hat

I had a request from my dear fiance to make a baby hat for a coworker's new baby boy.

I think it worked out pretty well. Let me know how it works out for you...I'm new to pattern writing.

Twisted Stitch Cabled Baby Hat

Needles: 6 and 7 US circular 16” and 7 US double points

Yarn: Comfort worsted

Ribbing pattern: (all knitting is through the back loop to twist the stitch) *P2, K1, P2, K1, P2, K2* Repeat until end of round

Cast on 70 sts on smaller needles. Join for working in the round being careful not to twist sts.

Work ribbing pattern for 5 rounds.

Switch to larger needles and begin main hat pattern.

Main hat pattern:

Round 1: *P2, K4, P2, K2 tbl* Repeat until end of round

Round 2: *P2, Cbl4F, P2, K2 tbl* Repeat until end of round

Rounds 3-5: Repeat round 1.

Work main hat pattern 4 times.

Work round 1 once more.

Decrease rounds:

Round 1: *P2; sl 2 sts onto cable needle, hold in front, knit 2, k2tog off the cable needle; P2, K2tbl* Repeat until end of round.

Round 2: *P2, K3, P2, K2 tbl*

Round 3: *P2, K3, P2, K2tog tbl*

Round 4: *P2, K3, P2, K1 tbl*

Round 5: *P2, sl 2 sts onto cable needle, hold in front, knit1, k2tog off the cable needle; P2, K1tbl*

Round 6: *P2, K2, P2, K1 tbl*

Round 7: *P2 tog, K2, P2tog, K1tbl*

Round 8: *P1, K2, P1, K1tbl*

Round 9: *P1, K2tog, P2tog*

Round 10: slip 1 st, *K1, P2tog*

Round 11: k2tog all the way around (7 sts remain)

Round 12: k2tog 3 times, K1

Work remaining 4 sts in an i-cord for 3.5 inches. Slip the lose end of the i-cord through the four stitches a few times, then slip through the i-cord before cutting the yarn end.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Endless Bias Binding!

So here's the new trick I learned at guide lessons on's a great way to make bias binding out of a square without much waste. AND...I was able to successfully do it on the first try! ...well, I did have to rip the first seam because I sewed wrong instead of right sides together. Rookie mistake. I got too excited.

Okay. First cut out a square of your binding fabric, slice from corner to corner, and lay out like this:
Then, fold over and pin:
Sew a 1/4 inch seam, press your seam open, and draw your lines for the binding width of your choice (mine were 2 inches).Now, the tricky part, line up your lines so that the first strip is sticking off to one side. The goal is to have a continuous strip that you can cut and cut in a big spiral all the way to the end. I match the first line on one end with the second line on the other; then, pin the rest of the lines making sure that both lines meet at the point where your 1/4 inch seam will be sewn.

Close up view:
Sew your 1/4 inch seam and begin cutting your strips (I now recommend pressing open the seam 1st, but I didn't).

Then you'll have this:

Press, and you have one long piece of bias binding with no waste!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My first finished quilt!

I finished my first quilt. It was a baby quilt meant for a friend of my fiance, but after hand-stitching the binding, I cannot bear to part with it to someone I've met once.

I followed a quilting tutorial I found on youtube. Then, after oiling the daring foot of my brand new (used) machine...a Memory Craft 6500 which I LOOOOVE...I was able to add a fun custom border using free motion.

Not bad for a first attempt I think :)

So, in short, if your darning foot is squeaky, you CAN oil it! I was a bit unsure about that. And, the Memory Craft 6500 is a big upgrade from a Singer that's ~35 years old. I'm learning lots more every day, so more to come very soon. Including quilted placemats for Christmas!