Monday, December 31, 2012

DC Mod Charity Quilt...Dr. Seuss Style

I received the quilt from Elle
And put off grading tests on the cell.

Open the bag, see the pieces;
Lay them out to minimize creases.
Finished top, strips for the back
Attach some white space...that is that.

Starch the pieces, smooth them out.
505, I can't live without.

Thread the machine, practice stitches.
Work out many possible glitches.

BIG quilt--eats lots of thread.
If it weren't so much fun, it would fill me with dread.

One bobbin, 
two bobbin...
Let's go thread another bobbin!
Thanks to everyone at DC Modern that helped make the top and back a've given me a real treat to work with! 

I'm linking up with Plum and June's Monday "Let's get acquainted" link up and WIP Wednesday.

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