Friday, December 9, 2011

Endless Bias Binding!

So here's the new trick I learned at guide lessons on's a great way to make bias binding out of a square without much waste. AND...I was able to successfully do it on the first try! ...well, I did have to rip the first seam because I sewed wrong instead of right sides together. Rookie mistake. I got too excited.

Okay. First cut out a square of your binding fabric, slice from corner to corner, and lay out like this:
Then, fold over and pin:
Sew a 1/4 inch seam, press your seam open, and draw your lines for the binding width of your choice (mine were 2 inches).Now, the tricky part, line up your lines so that the first strip is sticking off to one side. The goal is to have a continuous strip that you can cut and cut in a big spiral all the way to the end. I match the first line on one end with the second line on the other; then, pin the rest of the lines making sure that both lines meet at the point where your 1/4 inch seam will be sewn.

Close up view:
Sew your 1/4 inch seam and begin cutting your strips (I now recommend pressing open the seam 1st, but I didn't).

Then you'll have this:

Press, and you have one long piece of bias binding with no waste!

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  1. Did you know it doesn't have to be a square? You can use the same technique for a large rectangle. This is the tutorial I love for that - and for doing the math to figure out how much fabric you need.


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