Sunday, January 20, 2013

UFO is back in progress!

I love DC Modern Guild meetings...they really keep the momentum going.  And this week, my skills were stretched yet again with group project led by Linda and her friend Anne.  We were working on Pockets to Go Caddies!
Nifty zippered pocket with lining :)
The interior pockets!
Mine is almost finished...It needs a little more hand binding and the top binding/handles.  Trying to sew the binding on the sides nearly made me throw the thing against the wall--but both Linda and new friend Sarah talked me off the ledge of insanity/frustration. 

I really cannot say enough great things about this guild.  It's full of wonderful, enthusiastic, supportive people that have become a delight to see each month.  We had so many new attendees at this meeting that people had to sit on the floor!  I will definitely bring my portable table to the next meeting.

Today, with the charity project handed off to the guild (Linda again...she's amazing!), I got to pick the Hooterville quilt up again.  The pieces are FINALLY together! first attempt at quarter triangles was a bit rough, but it's so colorful and fun that I don't care...and I'm leaving it as a record of where I started in my quilting journey--this was the first pattern I decided to tackle, and I didn't know yet to starch the fabric first. (Always starch first to make your life easier.)

A few corners did meet up a little nicer.  I'm so happy to see it together, hopefully I'll add borders tomorrow and get back to machine quilting soon.

Well, I should get back to my hand sewing while I still have some movie left to watch with my hubby!

I'm linking up with UFO Sunday at The Free Motion Quilting Project.  It's a great place to see a variety of projects young and old.  Check it out!


  1. Love the Go Caddie and the Hooterville quilt is adorable. I didn't notice any wonky or unaligned quarter triangles - you did a great job.

  2. I feel your pain on the caddy. I made one for my Love the quilt!

    1. Just bound the top of the caddy...I did it by hand with embroidery floss and visible stitches. SO much easier! I think if I do it again, I'll do all the binding that way.

  3. I'm with you - I had a little trouble folding the binding on the corners (especially on the first corner), but I'm so excited about how cute it is, and I think I want to make several just to hold stuff around the house! I like the idea of having caddies with general supplies and also caddies for specific projects. LOTS of caddies! ;)
    Hooterville looks great, and I'm so excited that you are getting to work on it again after putting so much time into the charity quilt. Just think how much more amazing your quilting will be (is that even possible?) after all the extra practice! ;) See you in February, if not before!


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