Monday, November 4, 2013

Two blocks, One hour

Ooops!  I meant to post this two weeks ago!...

It was SUCH a pleasure seeing my friends at the DC MQG meeting yesterday (October 19th).  The meeting was nearby, at the Rose Hill Library--so I also got to share some of my favorite spots to eat.  I love sharing good food with great people.  Fredrick and I walked to my favorite Indian restaurant--as soon as I walked in I saw our friend Eric...and he was there because my husband was there too!  It was so funny...we must have arrived within ten minutes of each other too.

In preparation for the meeting, I made a couple of Wonky Star Blocks following a great tutorial at Silly Boo Dilly.  They only took about an hour and were very fun to whip up.

Linda was the grand winner at the meeting--winning both the drawing for the blocks and Katie's drawing as well.  I'm sure she'll make something beautiful!

Katie at Swim, Bike, Quilt came to share the publishing process with our guild.  Huge thanks to her!  I'm super excited about the new book Vintage Quilt Revival, especially after getting a sneak peak of some proof pages and quilts :)

If you have a hobby, I highly recommend finding a group to share that passion.  We had the best time yesterday--everyone should have the chance to be inspired by such an amazing group.  Thanks DCMQG for a wonderful afternoon!

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