Sunday, September 16, 2012

A successful weekend...

John and I wrapped up our weekend with some dolmas (wrapped grape's a Lebanese dish).  He found a great brand of grape leaves; they were so fresh they tasted a bit grassy.  I'm still working towards the perfect recipe, but I think I'll keep doing at least one thing I tried today--add lemon zest to the filling to increase the tartness!
I started off the weekend at a DC Mod Quilt Guild meeting.  I always have so much fun with the group!  They are such welcoming people; it was only my second time and I feel like I belong.  Plus you learn such great stuff!  Elle shared a great way to make half square triangles.  You trace a big grid on two pieces of fabric, then sew a scant 1/4" seam on either side (follow the arrows), then cut all the triangles apart (on the dotted lines) after setting the seams. 
Here's the note I made to myself:

It was a 100 quilts for kids sewing day so I decided to try a wonky log cabin that would suit a teenager (maybe even a boy?).  I pulled all the brown, cream, tan, orange, and green prints that I could.  I don't have much of a stash yet and was surprised how much I found once I started looking.  Sort of scary to think how much I'll have when I feel like I have a substantial stash. :/  How do you feel about your stash?  What do you stash? (for me it's both fabric AND yarn)

Here's some pictures of the progress...

But now it's back to grading! :)  Hope everyone out there in blog world had a good weekend too!


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  1. You are very sweet - thank you (both for the mention here and for your note)! And I love your blocks - they are really looking fantastic! So glad to meet you, and we really should talk about carpooling for the quilter's quest - that would be really fun!


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