Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coming up for air

Oh my goodness, my exuberant confidence that my first year at this new school would be an easy transition has worn off.  Don't get me wrong, with each new day I love my students and coworkers more and more, but I'm leaving the comfortable realm of Ecology and entering Biochemistry.  It's not that I feel unable to learn, lecture, and design activities for's keeping up with the kiddos questions.  These kids ask things like "exactly how much pressure does it take to create a fossil fuel?"  They don't accept answers like "lots of pressure, time, and heat."  So, I'm a bit worried about the level of question they'll come up with as we start chemistry.  I know a few things for sure...I'll learn (or rather, relearn) TONS of chemistry in preparation and during class, it will take lots of work to prepare, it will feel SO good once I have a plan for the unit that gels together, and I may will have to sacrifice quilting time to get my act together!

In conclusion, I'm going to celebrate every little quilting achievement and enjoy all the little bits of quilting time I glean during my breaks.

Most exciting for the week...I did manage to keep up with the Free Motion Quilting Project.  I'm so thankful for Leah's answer to my question last week.  It was about time management and inspired me to keep looking for a way to balance work, excercise, and craft in a way that works for me.  Since then, I've gotten in two nice brisk walks and a few Zumba classes...and...I have some pep in my step again!
 Here's my snake paisley.  I really like Pat's version that looks more like a flame...I'll try less wiggle next time.

Also, the bunny quilt is SLOWLY being quilted one or two blocks at a time...I'm thinking I'll do the outer border in...PAISLEY!

Happy quilting everyone!  I'm going to go quilt some sashing before grading a few papers!
My quizzes must be tough when an 80% gets this much celebration ;)


  1. I bet those kids have great questions for you. It is kind of fun that they are going to really refresh your memory of all those details.

    I really like your snake paisley. I'm not sure what it is supposed to look like and I like it the way you did it. It does look like a flame. I popped on over to Pat's version and I like that a lot too.

    Are you going to quilt all these practices together in a quilt as you go kind of quilt? I think it would be so lovely to have all these great practice pieces together in one quilt. I think they are just lovely!


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