Thursday, July 26, 2012


Apparently moving in with my new husband threw me into home-making mode.  I have not worried so much about cleanliness and organization ever in my life.  Unfortunately, two weeks in and it's wearing off...I was really hoping that would stick around.

What IS sticking around is a frenzy of food experimentation brought about by some really good deals at the grocery store and amazing farmers markets in Fairfax County.

Purely for my own far I've made:
1.) Summer marinated pasta, with lemon-herb marinated chicken and roasted tomatoes and garlic
2.) Meatball sandwiches (an old standby)
3.) Plum jam
4.) Bisquick oven fried chicken
5.) Lebanese cucumber salad
6.) Summer squash with onions
7.) Herb roasted potatoes (another old standby)
8.) Tomato and corn salad with lime cilantro dressing (this one I need to write down)

Still coming up...slow cooker lasagna and an Indian stir fry.

My craft corner is up and running again...more on that later!

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