Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's been awhile...

Oh my goodness...

So much has happened...

First of all, I am the world's most pleased bride.  Everyone loved the wedding (me most of all), and if there was family drama, I never saw it.  John and I are happily married (finally) after 6 1/2 years of dating.

We went to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for our honeymoon.  And although I had a cold and nearly perforated my eardrum on the plane, we had a great time!

Things I love most about Canada:
1.) The friendly people
2.) Their love of the environment and local food/shopping culture
3.) The food
4.) Tea all the time
5.) Beautiful wool and crafts
6.) The wind (when it's not too intense)
7.) The scenery

I've also managed to sneak in some crafts / design time.  Most was geared towards the wedding or moving to Virginia.

I painted our wall and hung paintings I'd created earlier the week before.  As I was painting, I was interrupted by Fairfax County Schools and offered a JOB!!!  That made for a very good day.

The next few days were about learning my way around and finishing curtains.

UPDATE: This post was actually written twenty days ago!  I just needed to add pictures.

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