Sunday, May 6, 2012

An experiment

The event that kicked off a whirl-wind of quilting in my life was an evening spent with my soon-to-be grandparents-in-law.  I got to stay in the quilting room of a thirty-year quilter and see the Canton County Fair Quilts.  I had quilted and sewn as a little kid with my mom, but had never seriously attempted quilting as a young adult.

With the inspiration, I instantly picked up a quilt I'd tried to start a few years back.  I finished a quilt top only to realize on my old Singer I couldn't free motion quilt.  I was not picturing straight line quilting.

After some research I found the machine I wanted...a Janome MemoryCraft 6600.  Little did I know that a 6500 was under repair at a nearby store in preparation to be sold used.  Everything worked out in a perfect way--I snatched up the machine...and then Dad won a killer scratch-off lottery ticket and helped me pay for it (so sweet!)

Well, the same grandma-in-law that started it all came to town this weekend and brought lots of fabric!!!  She's clearing her stash and her fabric is beautiful.  The only downside is the old smell.  That brings me to the experiment...I don't want to wash the stabilizers and UV protection and all the other things that are used to treat fabric out of fabric that may stay in my stash for a while.  So...I'm letting nature do the job...

I hope 12 or so hours of sunshine and a breeze will eliminate the musty smell without bleaching the fabric.  PS-If you have plastic containers that are stained red from sunlight will remove the stains.  Thank you Mother Nature!

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  1. Lucky girl! New machine and unexpected fabrics! Have to see the quilt once it's finished.
    Thanks for the tip about tomato stained containers. I have a few I'll try it on.


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