Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Perspectives

I had one of those moments today that make me realize how important we as teachers are...but epitomizes the struggles we face.  I had a student show up for morning tutoring (yay!) and after working with him for about twenty minutes I finally figured out why he's struggling.  It's not the talking, or the joking, or the lack of trying--he cannot comprehend what he's reading.  He's a ninth grader that cannot find the subject of a verb.  I was trained in biology, but apparently I need to get a masters in literacy because I need some strategies for teaching reading.  I'm hoping that now that I know what the problem is, consistent review and practice will help him improve.  Any ideas on how to teach reading in ninth grade science?

In other news...I finished a project!
It's a Christmas Tree Skirt for Jamie...made to match the place mats she received for Christmas!
 Looking back on parts of the project: (Bias tape, quilt sandwich, and pieced backing)

That leaves the following works-in-progress:
1.) Hooterville Quilt (needs a bit more stitching before I can sew the blocks together)

2.) Scrappy baby boy quilt (a few seams to sew...then maybe a border?  Made for practicing zippling.)

3.) Washing and drying of newly adopted fabric stash (airing out the fabric didn't quite rid it of the musty smell...too bad)

4.) Square root of nine quilt (still in the rotary cutting phase)

5.) Baby girl quilt (blogged about here) for free motion practice with borders and squares (fabric washed and starched)

6.)...oh yeah, and my wedding...BUT the invites went out this week!

This will be my first attempt linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday!  Hope it works!
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  1. The skirt for the tree looks nice.
    I looooooove the quilt with the owls!
    That square root of 9 pattern looks labour extensive, but nice!

  2. I just finished a tree skirt a couple of weeks ago. They are such fun, and they make great gifts!

  3. Love hooterville, I would suggest phonics for the reading

  4. great to have that tree skirt well ahead of time :) I really need to make one for our tree too.

  5. Love your Hooterville quilt. So cute!


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