Friday, March 23, 2012


...that's my sigh of relief. I've made it through the week and got six teenagers safely to a convention this weekend. We just had a lovely discussion about colleges which was so much fun since I spend most of my time teaching 9th graders (whom I love, but we don't talk college much).

Last night I enjoyed my "weekend" by beginning work on my wholecloth quilt!!! I'm working with Leah Day's Free Motion Quilt Along, and this is week 11: outline quilting. I LOVE the work...but it definitely took serious focus! I'm using a blush colored Isacord thread. I haven't had a single problem with threads breaking since my switch to Isacord.'s thinner, so a bobbin of Isacord lasts a lot longer than your typical quilting thread.

Here's a few shots of what I have so far:

A little later:

I'm off to a 2.5 hour meeting about how to be a great faculty advisor. It'll be a long but rewarding night. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy right?


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