Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Very Busy Week

It's been a busy week here in Greenville. Grades were due and midterms were given. It is the unfortunate wake up call for many students (most of whom have never had to study.) We're learning together though. I'm adjusting to a new generation of freshman...consequently I'm learning the importance of a quality middle school education...for their grades and my sanity. Just yesterday, in the midst of my tired delirium, I watched a student struggle with his midterm. He looked left, then up, then another upward sort of angle, then right, then just when I thought he'd look at his test again--he looked away...back to the left. At this point all I could do was laugh to keep from crying...I mean, how can they pass a test that they don't even glance at?!? So, I'm trying to hide my face as I laugh, then my students notice, and they think I'm crying--so now I'm losing it--laughing out loud. I had to tell them it was because so many of them weren't looking at their test. They thought it was funny too. It's the first class I've had that really has an appreciation for what an absolute mess (lovable, but a mess) that they are.

But...on to crafty things. For week ten of the free motion quilt along, I prepared my wholecloth quilt square. I got to borrow my future in-laws' sunroom for an amazing set of big windows I could use as a light table and came up with this:

Simple masking tape operation. I used a sewline pen to draw the lines...and I absolutely LOVE the rich fabric. Then, I pinned the backing fabric to my floor as usual with T-pins, put a square of the quilters dream recycled polyester batting in the sandwich, and pinned together. I've decided that I HATE small safety pins...and I think I put too many...

I starched with Magic Sizing...seemed to work okay. I want to try the Niagra brand starch in a spray bottle...I love the non-aerosol concept!

Well, I'm off to enjoy a night of outline quilting! Yay! My first evening without grading to do, AND I can sleep in because my kiddos don't leave for their field trip until the middle of 1st period!


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