Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy weekend and my last week of freedom...

My dear husband kept us busy this weekend!

We rode our bikes around the tour route at Antietam and dropped in to see some of his reenacting buddies.  It was great exercise and gave me some car time to work on one of my newer projects, some hexie flowers!
Fabric is Kashmir by Jinny Beyer and Kona Bone

Then on Sunday we enjoyed Olivier's christening.  It was my first chance to meet his parents after hearing so much about them from John.  They were amazing hosts!  And their house was right next to JoAnn's, so I picked up some fabrics to round out my selection for what I hope will become a modern quilt.

Now I'm back to working on the baby quilt for DC Modern's 100 Quilts for Charity.
The top is finished:

The back is in progress:

I must really enjoy the planning process because I doubt most people go through all this
before they improvise a quilt back.  I guess I can't really call it improv at all???

How much work do you do before piecing a modern pattern?


  1. Your charity quilt is beautiful. Some child will be really lucky to have it! I also loved to see your hexagons in progress. I am currently working on a hexagon project as well and I'm rather obsessed with it.
    Linda F. (

  2. Aaak! I just popped in here from a comment you left on the DC mondern quilt blog. The top picture was taken close to my home! We live one city over from it. Wondering where you are from?


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