Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work in progress..first time fromVA!

Well, the weekend was full of quilting time, but now the work week is back and I'm back to running moving related errands. Today it's getting a drivers license, plates, and registration from Virginia. Obtaining all the necessary inspections and waiting in line pushed the five hour mark :/

But  in other news, quilting and packing to go back to SC for the final load of stuff took priority once finished at the DMV.

Binding was made using the endless binding method.

And I tried a fancy new tool or two from clover while machine binding. (The little red clips...I have a feeling they're not new...just new to me.)
I finished the quilt label using instructions posted by Leah Day. (I'm always so thankful that she seems to have the answers to all my quilting questions :)

I finished the hand stitching on the plane (couldn't believe that).

Then I snapped some shots on my parent's back porch:

I'm linking up to Quilty Embellishment Day with Pat at Color me Quilty...you should check out her blog...it's great!


  1. Your FMQ is fabulous! Thanks so much for linking up to QED!

  2. Gorgeous - I love string blocks and especially love the colours you used in this quilt. Your stitching is incredible :)


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