Thursday, August 9, 2012

Steph's Surprise! Cute Cork Board Tutorial

So my students and my sister both love my "cork board." (I forgot to take a picture with all my students' cute stuff...I was moving out)

Here's how to make it:

1.) Gather all your materials: (1/2 yard cuts of fabric)  A 1/2 yard is enough to do a pack of four 12x12 cork squares...but I always use multiple colors!
 2.) Cut the cork board into 2 inch strips.
3.) Tack pairs of cork strips together with hot glue.  I use six dots around the edges.
4.) Cut (or tear) your fabric into approx. 4x14" pieces.  I tore a 14" piece off the 1/2 yard cut, then cut it into 4.5" pieces.  I like's a welcome change from very detailed quilt cutting.
5.) Anchor both long sides.  Be careful not to burn yourself and do the second side in stages if you want time to pull the fabric taught.
6.) Fold the corners of the ends in and glue in place.
7.) Clean up any hot glue strings and threads and repeat until satisfied!
I use Command brand poster strips to hang these on the on each end with the tabs sticking out.  You can attach them any way you want!

I'm linking up with T.N.T Thursday since this is my first stab at a crafty tutorial :)


  1. That is such a cute idea!!! I love the idea of cure little strips for cork boards!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Your Closed sign is great and I love how colorful the cork boards become wrapped in fabric.


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